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High-Speed Symmetry

Get data in a symmetrical profile, providing the same high speed for your uploads as your downloads.

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Low Contention Rates

Our Flexible and Dedicated plans both have guaranteed bandwidth allocations kept exclusively for you.

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High Performance

Upload speed is not sacrificed to give you higher download speeds, you get the same high rate in both directions.

Critical Priority

In times of high demand data can be bottle-necked just like cars stuck a traffic jam. This can result in slower downloads, buffering videos, and limited access to applications while traffic is managed in an orderly fashion until the conjestion clears.

Just like priority is given to VIPs and emergency vehicles, certain digital traffic is given priority through conjested lines. The Class of Service (CoS) determines the priority of your traffic, and the amount of dedicated bandwidth held exclusively for your data.

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Flexible (Low CoS)

Data is provided at a 'Best Effort' arrangement, meaning no guarantees on the network performance and no special treatment at times of congestion when network usage is high. This is suited for standard usage, such as email and internet access, where the applications are not time sensitive.

Dedicated (High CoS)  Icon

Dedicated (High CoS)

Data is given priority over residential and other business traffic in times of congestion. The service comes with a commitment from nbn™ to network latency, jitter, and delay. This should be used for critical applications and usage that underlies your productivity.

Future-Proof Fibre

Optic fibre technology forms the foundation for high-speed networks, both today and for the foreseeable future. Unlike the legacy copper-line technologies, fibre-optics are more easily upgradable to higher and higher transmission speeds.

Indeed, many limitations on our current gigabit networks are the ports and switching gear, and not the connecting cable.

The Build Process

The infrastructure needed for business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet can be installed when a connection is desired. This can sometimes be a major construction job.

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Premium Experience Icon

Premium Experience

Running on a complete fibre network, including between the premises and the Fibre Access Node (FAN), this is a premium-grade solution designed to optimise performance and minimise downtime.

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Direct nbn™ RSP

We are a RSP (Retail Service Provider) that connects directly with nbn™ skipping unnecessary extra links for your traffic.

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The fibre-based technology adapts easily to changes in business needs, like increased staff or change in software packages.

Australian Support
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Australian Support

We offer direct Australian support from on-shore call centres with experienced staff. Our team communicates with the nbn™ Operations Centre to offer fast restoration options.

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Keeping You Running

High uptime means high productivity, and fibre technology will deliver what your business needs.

With a 99.95% network availability target, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is exactly what you need.

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Enhanced SLAs

Use the default Premium 24/7, 12-hour Service Level Agreement or upgrade to a Premium SLA with even shorter resolution times.

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